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What is the European Cup online?

 Bet365European Cup European Cup is a familiar abbreviation that Vietnamese fans often use to refer to the UEFA Champions League. The tournament is organized by the European Football Federation and brings together all the excellent clubs in the old continent.


Each of the most powerful corps of each nation will register to compete. Together they create the toughest battles on the planet not inferior to the World Cup.

The main purpose of this tournament is to find the best owner for the noble C1 trophy. Besides, it also brings many commercial values ​​as well as reputation for the host country.

Each UEFA Champions League season will begin in mid-July. The organizers will offer one play-off round and three preliminary rounds. The last 10 winning teams will be awarded the right to participate in the group stage along with 22 football teams that qualify to go straight to the group stage.

In total 32 clubs participating in this tournament will be divided into 8 groups. Each group consists of 4 teams competing with each other. They play in a circle in the first and second leg format. The top faces in the eight groups advanced to the knockout stages.

From there, the organizers will choose the last 2 excellent representatives to participate in the final match at the end of May every year. The team that wins the Champions League trophy has an honorable ticket to the UEFA Super Cup and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Eligibility for the C1 Cup

The number of teams participating in the C1 Cup Bet365European Cup is extremely large and exceeds the set level expected by the organizers. This has been solved by giving the necessary and sufficient conditions for Champions League candidates. From there, the council can select the best faces to create a special and exciting season. Specifically, the conditions for the C1 Cup are as follows:

Each country will only have a maximum of 7 representatives to participate in the Champions League and EuroLeague. Among them, 5 most brilliant teams were given the opportunity to participate in the European football championship.
The organizers rely on a national club rating to give the following reviews:
3 teams with the highest ranking won the ticket from the group stage.
4th place requires a play-off to win the honor of playing in the C1 Cup.
The team ranked 5th and the club won the FA Cup, the League Cup will join the Champions League from the 3rd preliminary round.
The team that won the Champions League or EuroLeague in the previous season will certainly be eligible to attend the C1 Cup next year.

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